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This site was put together by Steve Teare with the encouragement, approval and participation of the Klarwein family, notably Serafine Klarwein.

Copyright Information

All images and content of this site are Copyright © the Klarwein family, except where specifically credited to others. Reproduction or copying of the images or other content of this site for any purpose whatsoever is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of the copyright owners. The sole exception to this is as detailed under the heading 'Legitimate Image Usage'.

If you wish to licence any of the images on this site for commercial use, or enquire about other work by Mati Klarwein which is not represented here, then please email the Klarwein family at matiklarwein@gmail.com.


Hotlinking is the practice of displaying images on one web site that are actually hosted on someone else's site, without the consent of the originating site owner. Hotlinkers not only use the images without consent, they also use bandwidth from the originating site in order to display them. If, for example, you have a myspace page that links to this site to display a Mati Klarwein painting on your page, then you are hotlinking. Each time your myspace page loads, it is hitting my server with a request for that image. Now, I take a fairly liberal view on this: Although such usage may not be ethically correct, it is all helping to raise awareness and appreciation for the work of Mati Klarwein, which was my purpose in building this site in the first place, so in principal I don't have too much objection.

The problem is that now such usage has grown to the extent that it accounts for more than 50% of the bandwidth consumed by this site. I want to make sure that this site is responsive and provides a good experience for visitors so if you want to use an image from this site please do so as outlined below.

Legitimate Image Usage

As stated earlier, the copyright of the images on this site belongs to the Klarwein family. Technically any copying of those images for use on another web site is an infringement of that copyright. In practice however, the reality is that, if you put an image on the web, it is going to get copied all over the net, and if you really don't want it copied, then you probably shouldn't put it up there in the first place.

So the problem is to distinguish what can be deemed acceptable or legitimate usage from what is clearly not acceptable. My take on this is as follows. If you want to use an image from this site on a web page or site of yours, then you need to comply with three conditions:

  1. You need to host the image, not link to it hosted here. In practice this means that you need to take a copy of the image and either host it yourself or use one of the many free or paid image hosting services to host it.
  2. The image you display must not be larger than 450 pixels in width or 600 pixels in height. It must be to scale and unaltered except for any scaling needed to get it within these size limits.
  3. You must include a clickable link back to this site or to the page on this site containing the original image on any page of yours that uses images from here.

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