Mati Klarwein - Self Portraits, Photos and Family

First exhibition 1951

Painting with poet Willy Chpaltine in the 50's

Self Portrait with Peppers - 1954

Aleph Sanctuary with daughter Eleonore - 70's

Self Portrait - 1957

With Jimi Hendrix and Stella Douglas in the 70's
Photo: Caterine Milinaire

First wife Sofi Bollack and daughter Eleonore
Photo: Eva Rudling

With daughter Sérafine in the 70's

In Niger for the filming of 'Milik' with Caterine Milinaire

Painting Sirena - 70's

Jamming in 'Sa Fonda' - 80's

With son Balthazar (Photo: Bettina Rheims)

Mati with Laure and their two sons Salvador and Balthazar

With sons Balthazar (standing) and Salvador

At home with family

Abdul Mati Klarwein   1932 - 2002

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