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Mati and The Music for 'Jazz News'

By bk

Date: 01-09-2011

Mati and The Music article for 'Jazz News' magazine, August 2011.

By Jacques Denis with Antoine de Beaupre

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'El Olivo' Robert Graves y Ramn Farrn

By Vicent Fabuel for 'EFEEME'

Date: 04-08-2011


Robert Graves / Ramón Farrán

“El olivo”

Valor: 120 Euros.

Una sección de VICENTE FABUEL.

He aquí una historia ejemplar encerrada en un disco tan encantador como ignorado. Un disco y un lugar, Deiá (Mallorca), aquel insólito microcosmos de la bohemia europea que parecía circular ajeno al resto del territorio español, y en unos años convulsos en que esos asombrosos parajes, transitados por personajes venidos de cualquier confín del mundo, iban a presenciar ... Read More.

Visual artists: re-imagine Bitches Brew album cover


Date: 13-04-2011

The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival is issuing a Request for Submissions from visual artists for artwork re-imagining the original album cover for Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew (Sony), to be displayed in conjunction with the Bitches Brew Revisited performance at the Flynn MainStage on June 3 and throughout the 2011 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival.

Ten finalists (chosen by a public vote) each will receive a pair of tickets to the June 3 performance of Bitches Brew Revisited. One of those ten finalists (chosen by a panel of judges) will receive a pair of tickets to the show AND a grand prize of $500. 

All finalists' and winner's work will be displayed on stage prior to the performance and printed for display at the after-party (during which DJ Logic ... Read More.

The Psychedelic Painter That Wasn't On Psychedelics

By Corinne Stevie

Date: 04-05-2011

I discovered Mati Klarwein’s work 3 years ago while I was surfin’ the interwebs lookin for visual inspiration.I felt like I struck gold when i discovered his beautiful paintings. I decided to finally make a post about him because I’ve been noticing a lot of people posting his images on tumblrs and fbook but i don’t think they have a clue as to who the artist is.

Mati Klarwein is that visionary painter dude period. Klarwein was born April 9, 1932 in Germany and died March 7. 2002 in spain. He spent most of his life painting and traveling the world. He’s the guy who gave us some of the most amazing album covers; Santana’s “Abraxas” (released Sept. 1970) album , Miles Davis Bitches Brew (April 1970) and many more. In an interview on ... Read More.

Buffalo Zine feat. Mati Klarwein

By Balthazar Klarwein

Date: 01-03-2011

Mati Klarwein: father, guru and holy goat, by Balthazar Klarwein. Featured in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Buffalo Zine.

'MATI' It must have been the first word I learned after 'MAMA'. On weekends, Mama would send my brother and I to the monastery at the top of the mountain, surrounded by an army of medieval olive trees which where planted by the great Ramon Llull and his troop of infidel Abduls back in 1300a.c

In this Temple, in front of a canvas, stood the father, guru and holy goat MATI. Highly concentrated at his easel, creating a new window in to the universe with his ultra thin paintbrush.   His studio was the space where the past and the future meet and dance together to a funky afro-cuban  rhythm mixed by Camarón de la ... Read More.